Pro Art Critique :: Professional Art Critique Service

Pro Art Critique :: Professional Art Critique Service

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A tendency we artists sometimes share is to become too focused with our work. Often to the point that we have a difficult time seeing each piece with an objective eye. In this case it can be quite helpful to have another artist offer a critique.

I am part of a small group of professional artists who provide a critique service through Visitors can pay a small fee to have their artwork critiqued by an artist of their choice.

If you would like a bit of professional advice, have a painting in need of some tweaking, are seeking an unbiased analysis, or simply would like a professional second opinion, I invite you to visit the site.

The artists providing critiques exhibit nationally and have extensive experience as workshop instructors and show judges.

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  1. Ann Grimaldi
    | Reply

    Hello, I would very much be interested in having a critique done of my work. I have listed my website, but it has not been updated in quite some time. However, I do have photo(s) of my latest work for which I am hoping to get some feedback. If you could please email me (address provided) and let me know how to proceed.Thanks very much.

  2. Deanna schultz
    | Reply

    I have done quite a few oil paintings on canvas. Self taught. From 16×20 to 30×40. Even though my friends enjoy my paintings and say they are great, I would like a professional opinion. Am I going in the right direction? Is my art work gallery worthy? Am I missing something? I find myself painting in all ranges. From abstract to real life. My colors I use are bold and bright. I seem to enjoy this color scheme. I go between using turpentine and an oil medium or both. My bottom apt is filling up with paintings and my friends say I need to start selling them. I have sold to friends and family but feel I might not be just there yet for public. Do you think I am there??? Pls input is really needed.

    • Dan Schultz
      | Reply

      I’d say to get some of your work out there in front of people and see what happens. You can try shows or galleries and get a feel for how people respond to it.

  3. Ann Davenport
    | Reply

    I am not a professional artist but am doing a very large painting for a friend. I am having a hard time getting the proper perspective on the floor. If I sent you a picture, could you guide me? For a fee, of course.
    Thank you.

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