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Five-Week Class: Plein Air Painting

Painting the landscape outdoors provides many specific benefits to the artist. You will learn to better recognize colors and compare how they relate to each other, to simplify your painting process and technique and to paint more accurately in a condensed timeframe. Through this firsthand study of how light behaves in diverse situations, we will review the importance of the fundamentals of painting: drawing, design, value, color and edges. We will also explore the advanced topics of brushwork, surface texture and creating the look of confidence in your work. I will demonstrate my techniques and offer hands-on instruction as we paint together at different locations in the Ojai Valley.

We will meet briefly at my gallery to begin the first class. Participants will be eligible for 20% off the regular price of my instructional DVD: Steps for Successful Plein Air Painting.

I hope you’ll join me! Questions? Ready to register? Write me through my contact page or call me at 805-317-9634.

Four-Day Workshop: The Figure in the Landscape

This workshop will focus on painting the figure in the landscape while exploring the differences between working indoors vs. outdoors. Light and color variables will be talked about in depth, as well as how to best use photography to serve as source material for studio work. Dan will demonstrate techniques to the group and also offer individual instruction. Two days will be spent working outdoors with a model, and two indoors from photo references.
• Improve our ability to see and compare shapes accurately to achieve a likeness
• Practice simplifying shapes to strengthen design
• Understand the differences inherent in working from life vs. from photo references
• Learn to better recognize value and color relationships

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