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Limited Palette Demonstration, Dan Schultz Landscape Painting Curriculum

NEW! Landscape Painting Fundamentals Curriculum: $15/month at Sentient Academy

A new way to learn landscape painting! Each week, you receive one pre-recorded video lesson lasting about an hour. Lessons include in-depth discussions about fundamental principles, insightful demonstrations as well as paintings filmed from start to finish. Plus, you have time to practice as much as you wish between lessons to improve your learning.

We go through the topics that form the building blocks of landscape painting:
• Line
• Shape
• Space (positive and negative)
• Perspective (linear and aerial)
• Proportion
• Measuring
• Design (including designs to avoid)
• Value (including high-key and low-key)
• Color (practical mixing methods, complementary colors, color temperature)
• Edge handling and texture
• Paint application

Measuring Demonstration, Dan Schultz Landscape Painting Curriculum

All lessons have been filmed in high-quality 4K and are ready to stream from the Sentient Academy website. Sentient also features a community component, which allows you to share your work with other students and instructors for feedback.

Join more than 8,000 students from around the world who are working to improve their skills with courses from Sentient Academy!

(You can find my course on their site by clicking the “Weekly Curriculum” tab, or by scrolling to the bottom of the page where it lists all the instructors.)

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