Brand New Baby

Brand New Baby

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Tobin and Sarah
Tobin and Sarah

I’m excited to announce the birth of Sarah’s and my new little boy, Tobin Jude Schultz. He arrived at 1:30 am May 30th and was 8 lbs. 11 oz. and 21 inches long. His big brother Ian (age 4) is just as excited about his arrival as we are!

(If you’re more interested in my art-related posts, please feel free to skip the rest of this one!)

I was amazed again as I witnessed the miracle of birth this second time. And I’m so proud of Sarah. Like Ian’s birth, she wanted to deliver Tobin without drugs and did an incredible job. And we were at the hospital only two hours before we were greeting our new son for the first time. (Glad we didn’t leave for the hospital any later!)

In my opinion, the birth process is one of many evidences for a God who created us in his image and loves us with unfailing love. For if we, as humans, are nothing more than the products of natural processes and random chance, the strong emotions we feel of joy, pride and gratitude during these times are ultimately without lasting meaning.

Ian and Tobin
Ian and Tobin

God is so generous to bless us with a second healthy little one. I certainly don’t deserve such a gift.

We chose Tobin’s name for several reasons, one of which is its meaning. And it’s fitting that it so well reflects his birth story. Tobin means “God is good.” Jude means “praise.” Welcome, Tobin Jude!

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  1. mareth warren
    | Reply

    What a lovely little story and a lovely family. You are a blessed man and God is pleased!

  2. Dan Schultz
    | Reply

    Thanks, Mareth!

  3. Susan Harris
    | Reply

    You Totally deserve such a blessed gift! Can’t wait to hold him. Thinking of you all, sending love.

  4. Dan Schultz
    | Reply

    Thank you, Susan!

  5. Neil Whiting
    | Reply

    Many congratulations to both of you.
    Thank you for sharing the pictures and your feelings

  6. Betty Jane Covington
    | Reply

    Dear Dan…
    Oh My….
    What a Lovely Family you have Dan,,,and The pictures of your Children are Beautiful…and Sarah,as well….I know you must Be Sooo Proud….
    and too,,I, love the names of your boys ,
    Our Lord is Sooo Good,,,isn’t he Dan…
    You are Truelly Blessed,,,,
    I wish you and family all my best…

  7. Dan Schultz
    | Reply

    Thanks so much, Neil and Betty!

  8. Luis Lopez
    | Reply

    Congrats on the new member of the Schultz family.


  9. Barbara Dent
    | Reply

    The story of love that you tell makes me fall short of words. I can only say I’m SO happy for you and the beautiful family that you have created with your beautiful wife, Sarah. God bless you, your incredible art and your sacred family.

  10. Dan Schultz
    | Reply

    Thank you, Luis and Barbara!

  11. Kathy Ikerd
    | Reply

    Congratulations on the birth of your new son!

  12. Krystal Allen
    | Reply


    Congratulations to both you and Sarah. Tobin looks like a real bundle of joy. I am sure that Ian will be a good big brother and can’t wait for Tobin to be gig enough to play with. Kudos to Sarah for doing it the right way as was intended. I did so as well with both of my kids and was fortunate to be able to do so as others are not so lucky.
    You are truly blessed.

  13. Dan Schultz
    | Reply

    Thanks, Kathy and Krystal — I appreciate your nice comments!

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