Steps for Successful Plein Air Painting DVD

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Learn how to paint outdoors with this step-by-step video released by Dan Schultz in 2012.

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Plein air painting (painting outdoors) presents several unique challenges to the artist. Changing light conditions, weather and insects to name a few, not to mention translating the vast landscape onto a small canvas in a short length of time.

In this video (runtime, 2 hours, 20 minutes), I demonstrate my step-by-step approach as I create a plein air painting from start to finish in beautiful Ojai, California.

Join me as I take you through my process and give important principles for the plein air artist to remember. As I develop my painting, I share a simple approach that can help you achieve success with your own plein air paintings.

Scroll down to read endorsements for the DVD from many of today’s top painters!

Click here for a list of the painting supplies I used during the filming of the DVD.

Professional artists across the country recommend this DVD

“I highly recommend Dan as an instructor, both in person and through his video lessons. His unique style and way of looking at the world comes through in his paintings and his teaching. His subtlety of color and value is a lesson well worth learning.” – Scott Burdick

“Dan masterfully articulates and demonstrates the key principles of outdoor painting. His video is a valuable addition to any landscape painter’s library.” – Skip Whitcomb

“Dan isn’t just an incredible painter, he’s an exceptional instructor with an easy, down-to-earth style and a refreshingly simple approach to a complex subject. This video is a true window into painting outdoors and not only does Dan show us how it’s done, but he’s able to thoroughly explain his process.” – Dave Santillanes

“The ability to paint and verbally express one’s thoughts at the same time is the gift of a true teacher. Dan Schultz illustrates this beautifully. I highly recommend this DVD for those wishing to gain insight on the start to stop process of a successful working artist.” – Matt Smith

“The video is a workshop in itself, covered in a little over 2 hours. The only thing missing is the potty break and the students trying it out for themselves. Dan covers it all thoroughly!” – Mark Day

“Not only is Dan a skilled painter, he is also a natural and knowledgeable teacher. With a constant commentary, and a lesson which follows every brushstroke from first to last, this video is a great introduction to real plein air painting — bugs, dust, birds, wind, changing light, and all.” – Matthew Innis

“Dan Schultz’s video on plein air painting is a must see for anyone interested in painting outdoors. Extremely informative and loaded with practical advice. Dan’s enthusiasm for his craft is very apparent and will truly inspire every viewer!” – Desmond O’Hagan

“Dan’s teaching style is friendly and approachable, just like him! He makes subject, composition, value and color choices logical and less intimidating. As a pastelist lacking confidence in my oil skills, Dan’s video was just the thing for me to get my brushes swinging with more purpose. Plus it’s just fun to watch him paint!” – Jennifer Hoffman

“I recommend Dan Schultz’s plein air video to both beginner and professional artists. He clearly captures his method of simplifying the landscape and brings with it a very unique way of seeing light.” – Jesse Powell

“Dan Schultz has a great knack for making the art of plein air painting fun and accessible for all ages. My wife and I had the opportunity to view “Steps for Successful Plein Air Painting” and found ourselves inspired to grab our own brushes and head outdoors. With simple and straightforward instruction, Dan strips away any apprehension felt toward immersing yourself in the plein air experience. You will quickly find yourself pulled into Dan’s process as he masterfully transforms a commonplace scene into a beautiful expression of form and color. Thank you Dan for bringing the fun of plein air painting into our studio!” – Anthony Waichulis

“Dan is a remarkably friendly and generous teacher. His instructional painting video is clear, concise and informative. He efficiently covers all the necessary and important fundamentals needed for an effective (and fun) plein air painting experience!” – Jennifer McChristian

6 reviews for Steps for Successful Plein Air Painting DVD

  1. Jean Ridley (verified owner)

    “Steps for Successful Plein Air Painting ” with Dan Schultz is very well done. It is interesting to see the artist pick out his subject and to see the progression of the painting as he works through to the end. This CD is most informative and worth watching many times.

  2. Louise Sackett, IPAP

    As a former trainer for the Navy, I am aware of the quality of training products that are offered to the public. Dan’s DVD is logical and clearly geared to make a student’s beginning steps in plein air productive and less frustrating. It is a great aid for the more advanced painter to revisit the basics, a practice that yields great benefits. It is produced with the goal of ensuring a pleasant experience and gaining confidence in an often bewildering pursuit. Well done Dan!

  3. Kathy Ikerd

    Dan Schultz is a consummate painter. His DVD is well done, the step by step information was clear and easy to understand. Watching the video feels like having a front row seat during a workshop. One can easily watch how paint is mixed, the importance of comparing values, the application of paint, and the thought process to complete a successful plein air painting. I highly recommend this informative DVD to all.

  4. Lee Edwards

    Dan Schultz’s video lays out a practical approach to plein air painting. What can seem so complicated and overwhelming to the beginner painting outdoors is presented in a logical progression of steps. The importance of strong composition and control of values are stressed. Dan shows how to simplify the elements within the picture by leaving out extraneous detail, blocking in the major shapes and then adding subtlety. He displays a painterly style that looks contemporary. There are many good insights to contemplate. It boils down to using one’s artistic sensibility combined with lots of practice, hard work and persistence.

  5. Virginia Arnold

    This DVD is a wonderful opportunity to watch and learn from an evolving and exquisite painter of the “plein air” in our time, Dan Schultz. Dan talks about the things to consider in the challenges and pleasure of painting in the open air, from elements to equipment to settings, materials, brushes, composition, design, color value and more, as we watch the painter work – over his shoulder, witness the scene and steps in the process of good painting by an excellent teacher… like wathcng a secret – the painter at work and hearing his mind put it all together.

  6. Stefan Ullrich

    Great tutorial of Dan!
    I’ve watched it again and again, getting so many informations about Plein-air painting, from searching the right spot over color mixing, brush strokes and composition to the finished painting. Can highly recommend this particular DVD. Every step is easy to follow, even for foreign Bavarian artist like me.

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