Vision X Live Art Conference

Vision X Live Art Conference

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Wandering • 30x30 inches • Oil on Linen Panel • High-Key Painting by Dan Schultz
Wandering • 30×30 inches • Oil on Linen Panel • High-Key Painting by Dan Schultz

I’m looking forward to an upcoming global art conference called Vision X Live. I will be giving a live video presentation called Secrets to High-Key Paintings on the first day of the conference (10am PDT, July 16, 2021). And I’ll be giving away 9 tubes of M. Graham & Co. oil colors to one of my lucky attendees! (Thank you, M. Graham for sponsoring!)

A stellar list of fellow traditional artists, (Scott Christensen, David Dibble, Zoe Frank, Casey Childs, Jeff Hein, Bryan Mark Taylor and more), will also be presenting at this event. Prominent illustrators (John Harris, Fred Gambino, Gregory Manchess, and others) will be there, along with discussions about concept art, NFTs and the future of digital art. Gallery and museum professionals will offer presentations as well. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to see and hear what everyone has to offer.

Click here to see the entire schedule of events.

Over the last year and a half, the art world has been hard-hit, and it is still recovering. Artists have felt isolated, unable to gather together to exchange ideas in a meaningful way. Vision X Live is designed to address these issues. It’s a three-day virtual conference that will include demonstrations, panel discussions, Q&A’s and more.

Each time I speak with a fellow artist or gallery owner, I learn something new and come away inspired. You can have that same personal experience at Vision X Live, July 16-18, 2021.   

Caspar Creek • 11x14 inches • Oil on Linen Panel • High-Key Painting by Dan Schultz
Caspar Creek • 11×14 inches • Oil on Linen Panel • High-Key Painting by Dan Schultz

Tickets are on sale now. Save $200 on your VIP Pass with code THXVIP. This limited-time offer expires on June 10th. Visit now to secure your spot. There has never been a better opportunity to advance your career in the arts.

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  1. Liz Todd
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    Hi Dan, Sounds like an incredible Conference! Wish I could attend ….
    Just have to give a shout out to your Casper Creek painting. Needless to say,
    I love it : ) Liz

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