Problem Solving

Problem Solving

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“Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do.” – Edgar Degas

You weren’t kidding, Edgar. The more we learn and practice, the harder certain aspects of painting seem to become. It may take years before we feel like we’re improving in some areas.

Thankfully, all those “wasted” canvases aren’t wasted after all. We’re steadily developing our ability to solve problems. It’s critical that we progress in this area because our solutions to problems are what inform us to make better choices as we grow. We make color temperature mistakes and learn from them. We remember design elements that worked in past situations and can implement them again when needed. When something goes wrong, we draw from our past experiences to solve the problem.

So don’t be discouraged when you’re struggling through problems. Difficulties may put the “pain” in “painting,” but think of them as stepping stones along your path to improvement.

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  1. Doug Singletary
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    Thanks for the timely reminder Dan, it felt like you were talking directly to me! So many failings it’s often difficult to even identify which problem to take on first. Every now and then something does fall into place though, so I’ll take your word for it that things will begin to sort themselves out over time and continue to thrash forward. Thanks again for your generous spirit of encouragement.

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